Welcome to History Today!

Have you ever wondered why we still struggle with issues that have plagued society for generations? How about the implications of the impeachment trial? Ongoing centuries, if not millennia long conflicts? Or maybe you just want to learn more about how the world we live in got to this point. If so, then welcome to History Today! A blog focused on bringing concise, relevant, entertaining, and informative history articles to you! 

The history of the world affects us all the time in our day to day lives. However, the importance of learning this history is often overshadowed by the stereotypes that history is too boring, lengthy, and mundane to learn. Here at history today, you are able to learn about the defining moments in our world, see how they are affecting us today, and use them to look towards the future, all while consuming enjoyable content that will expand your knowledge by being an enjoyable leisure read. 

On this blog, I plan to cover a variety of topics, ranging everywhere from heavy-hitting and controversial topics, to subjects that are particularly relevant to what is going on today, to cool, fascinating, or even outright strange discussions, or whatever is piquing my interest the day that I write. 

So make sure to check in every week to read the newest post! I am looking forward to engaging with you in the important conversations that these articles with produce. Please feel free to comment on and share with other history nerds, news junkies, or anyone who just wants to learn a thing or two about the world!

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